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*The video is free (non-commercial use), but you must give appropriate credit and the following sentence must be quoted: “Esta obra foi realizada com o patrocínio da Prefeitura Municipal de Blumenau e Fundação Cultural de Blumenau através do Fundo Municipal de Apoio à Cultura de Blumenau.” (This cultural product was sponsored by the Municipality of Blumenau and the Cultural Foundation of Blumenau through the Municipal Fund for Cultural Support.)



By Sansara Buriti

Short film is available online

The video highlights the importance of the rivers

The short film is available on Facebook and Youtube. Sponsored by the Municipal Fund for Cultural Support (FMAC), the video highlights the importance of environmental preservation and the role of urban planning for the construction of cities with more public spaces of coexistence and integration with rivers. The video is adressed for children and intends to be a tool to engage teachers and students in cultural and environmental actions, showing that the construction of a city with more quality of life requires the participation of its citizens.

Taking as a starting point the environmental, economic and social importance of the Itajaí-Açu River to the city of Blumenau, the animated short film “The City and the River” presents in a playful way reflections and actions for a sustainable future.  The story of the video is developed through hand-drawn drawings, using simple and fun language.

The trends for the future of the cities shown in the video are some results of Carolina’s research and experience in Germany, where she participated in the German Chancellor Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, a program under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for young world leaders. For a year and a half, the architect investigated how Germany is finding ways to protect cities from floods, integrating nature and the public spaces along the rivers.


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Team “The city and the river”
Coordinator: Carolina Viviane Nunes
Directors: Alan Langdon, Sansara Buriti e Carolina Viviane Nunes
A film by: Bucica Filmes e Carolina Viviane Nunes
Drawings: Marcela Lorenzoni
Script and Voice: Sansara Buriti
Executive Producer: Ana Maria Ludwig Moraes
Press Officer: Sansara Buriti
Translation to Brazilian Sign Language: Ana Paula Jung

Contact for the press:
Sansara Buriti
+55 48 99859-7304


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