Our Work

Who we are

An organization created to positively transform the way people relate to the cities in which they live.

To transform attitudes, perceptions and environments.

That develops projects and effective actions to improve the quality of life of people in the cities and to promote integration with nature.

Which points out the best way, the best practices, so that public power and private initiative come together to create better living conditions.

So that people are happier, productive, citizens. And that together they can build a better future.

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What we do

Transformation of perceptions, attitudes and environments.

Transformation of urban ecosystems with the best practices in the world, enabling architectural and urban planning projects that really help improve the quality of life of people, be they cities, neighborhoods, streets, squares or buildings.


For this to happen, we need the people involved, moved and engaged. We develop community engagement methodologies and educational projects for sustainable cities and environments. We produce quality content through videos, texts and photos for enlightenment, awareness and transformation of perceptions and attitudes.


We identify the region’s potentials for the quality of life and human and environmental development. Methodology for the development of urban and architectural projects whose purpose is the transformation of cities, neighborhoods, streets, to improve the quality of life of people.


Ability to understand problems and develop specific solutions for each case. Diagnosis, recommendations and best practices. Accompaniment in the implementation of the projects, proposing improvements and adaptations.

Strategic Alliances

Ability to connect companies and governments to carry out joint projects, to boost project results. Partner mapping, potential analysis and partnership building and strategic alliances.



Transformation of human ecosystems.

Consider the city as a human ecosystem, and develop solutions to transform the relationship of people with it, generating more quality of life and more human and environmental development.


Creativity, Sustainability, Balance, Humanity, Evolution, Empathy.


Be perceived as an organization that can transform the way people relate to their cities, neighborhoods, streets, homes and residential or commercial buildings.


Transform people’s quality of life and their relationship with their human habitats.


Contact Humanität:

E-mail: humanitatproject@gmail.com