The City as Architecture

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In this Urban Dialogue, Prof. Sophie Wolfrum (Chair of Urban Design and Regional Planning | TU-Munich) and Carolina Nunes (Urban Ecosystems Architect | Humanität) talk about The City as Architecture and related topics.

“The term ‘Performative’ comes from the Speech Act Theory. (…) In a performative situation, speech creates a new reality. It’s not representing, it’s creating. And this means for example, there’s the very well-known example: If some people go to marry, then the priest says “Now you are married!”, you are married. He expressed this sentence and the new reality is existing: a couple as a married couple exists. Before, it didn’t exist like this, in this status. (…) So this we transfer to urbanism. (…) Our society started to bath in the Isar some years ago, the Isar is now another type of river in this city. It’s still the river coming from the mountains, it still has blue water in summer and brown water when it rains and so on. Everything is the same, but in the cityscape it’s now a public space. The behavior creates a new social space and a new physical space. And this interrelation between acting and architectural features: this is addressed by the performative urbanism.” – Prof. Sophie Wolfrum

Architecture of the City 00:45

Specific Places and Non-Places 03:34

Scenery and Human Behavior 09:34

Porosity as Urban Concept 12:35

Urban Design and Design Thinking 17:27

Rivers and Cities 21:50

Zeitgeist, Diversity and Creativity 26:46

The Shape of Cities Through the Ages 31:14

Critical Examination of the Compact City 37:41

Gentrification 40:17

Performative Urbanism 42:58


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