Cherry trees in Bonn
18 de December de 2017

The street Heerstrasse, in the city of Bonn, Germany, has become a world-famous tourist destination due to its cherry trees. On the internet and on social media pages, it is considered one of the ten most beautiful avenues in the world. Tourists from Asia and Oceania have been following the blog of the cherry trees from afar in order to set the journey to the right moment.

Every year in early spring, the cherry trees turn the streets into a sea of ​​pink flowers. This natural spectacle, beautiful, attracts people like a real magnet. Residents and tourists take to the streets to check out the flowering tunnels.

Flowering guarantees a brief period, but of rare beauty, and tremendous visual impact. Which was not even a project, not so long time ago. Until the early 1980s, the streets in this region were characterized by car traffic, by gray facades and little green. In order to change this reality and bring quality of life to the region, a revitalization plan was designed.

The roads became narrower. The paving became of cobblestones and was elaborated a project of landscaping, that became world-wide known. Species from Japan, the Cherry tree was the bet for afforestation. The seedlings were planted in 1984. Some of these streets are also known as Fahrradstrasse (“bicycle street”). Motorized traffic is restricted to residents, in one hand, the speed is low and cyclists have full preference.

The colors and the climate are contagious, making outdoor activities inviting throughout the city. In early spring, people especially enjoy the parks because of the rising temperatures. Many enjoy the beautiful flowers and enjoy the pink scenery to relax or have a picnic. Flowering cherry trees are always photographed, even more so in the beautiful light of sunset. The arrival of the flowers marks exactly the right time of the year, with the longest days and that people also like to be more outside.

All this lasts a few days: soon, the flowers already form a carpet on the floor and the green leaves take place. But it is a good example of how urban landscaping can transform an entire region. In Brazil, with the diversity of species, and that bloom at different times of the year, we could have beautiful streets and parks. And what about the urban trees of our city?

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