Brazilian short film is screened at Festival in India

The short film “The City and the River” was selected and presented at the Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth (SIFFCY) in New Delhi, India. The video highlights the importance of the rivers to the cities and presents trends for a sustainable future. The short film is addressed for children and intends to be a tool to engage teachers and students in cultural and environmental actions, showing that the construction of a city with more quality of life requires the participation of its citizens.



Team “The city and the river”
Coordinator: Carolina Viviane Nunes
Directors: Alan Langdon, Sansara Buriti e Carolina Viviane Nunes
A film by: Bucica Filmes e Carolina Viviane Nunes
Drawings: Marcela Lorenzoni
Script and Voice: Sansara Buriti
Executive Producer: Ana Maria Ludwig Moraes
Press Officer: Sansara Buriti
Translation to Brazilian Sign Language: Ana Paula Jung

CLICK HERE for further information about the short film

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