Brazilian architect will meet German President

Brazilian architect Carolina Nunes will be in Berlin on Thursday for a meeting with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, sworn in on March 19.

Former Foreign Minister Steinmeier has run for Chancellor in 2009, and is considered today one of the most popular politicians in Germany.

Carolina is one of the participants of the German Chencellor Fellowship, a program sponsored by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and aimed at young leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and the United States. It aims to strengthen relations and build cooperation between these countries and Germany.

The architect returned her research to the theme Rivers and Cities. It is raising new references and making several contacts with researchers, NGOs, companies and politicians. Their project is called Humanität – Cities as Human Habitats.

In Germany since July last year – with periods of study in the Netherlands and Denmark – Carolina is producing videos, texts, photos and audios, shared in several media. In addition to the field research, she conducts several interviews with specialists and is updated with current bibliographic.

On her return to Brazil, the architect’s goal is to bring guidelines, adapted to the local reality. Carolina bets on new forms of participatory communication, on social media and videos. She hopes that her publications and presentations will be used to support the public sector on decision making, and to raise awareness of civil society.


President Steinmeier will welcome Carolina and the other Fellowship researchers at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation award meeting. The institution promotes academic cooperation between leading scientists and academics from abroad and from Germany.

The global network of alumni, with more than 26,000 researchers in 140 countries – including 54 Nobel Prize winners – is the Foundation’s greatest asset.

More than 570 international researchers are invited today from the Humboldt Foundation, coming from countries such as Great Britain, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, France, China, Cuba, the United States and, of course, Brazil.

For the next month, Carolina has a scheduled meeting with Angela Merkel herself, on the 18th. This one, involving only researchers of German Chancellor Fellowship.

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