FACISC – V DEL Annual Meeting

‘DEL’ is the Local Economic Development Program based on the methodology initiated in the city of Essen (Germany). The theme of the 2019 Forum is “Tourism, Sanitation and Sustainability”, themes that are closely related to rivers and cities.

Carolina Nunes, Humanität’s urban ecosystem architect, spoke about “Rivers as touristic and urban potentials” together with Globulo’s creative director, Diogo Machado. Carolina brought positive experiences from rivers and cities in Germany and the Netherlands. “The recovery of the Emscher River (Essen) is part of an economic development project based on environmental and social values. The city wanted to attract companies, but the talents preferred to live in Munich, a city known for its quality of life.” – says the architect.

The speakers also presented the project Criaticidade (Creative City), showing a creative way to apply the concepts in Brazilian cities with the case of the city of Lages.

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