Humanität participates in panel “Creative Territories” in Lages

Humanität participates in panel “Creative Territories” in Lages

Evento “Como tornar Lages uma cidade criativa?”

Architect Carolina Nunes will be in Lages on Thursday for the event “How to transform Lages in a creative city?”. The event will start the city’s development plan with a focus on human interaction and to launch Lages as a reference in the national context.

Carolina is an architect at Humanität – cities as human habitats, a company that works to transform urban ecosystems. Carolina consolidated her experience in Germany, where the German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed her at the Federal Chancellery.

The meeting aims to discuss the future of Lages and learn from the examples of creativity that are transforming businesses, territories, and mindsets. The territories panel intends to debate the city’s identity: natural beauties, rural tourism, wood, and technological innovation, forming a common purpose and new ways of boosting the economy.


Opening 6 pm

Diogo Machado – Glóbulo

Creative Business Transformation 6:30 p.m.

Arthur Medeiros Nunes – Director ACATE

Marcus Rocha – Superintendent of Innovation of the City Hall of Florianópolis

Amilton Santos – Assert Tecnologia

Iuri Forte – Glóbulo

Creative Transformation of Territories 7:30 p.m.

Christian Krambeck – Director of FURB Institute

Carolina Nunes – Architect and Urban Planner at Humanitat

Diogo Machado – Glóbulo

Mindsets Creative Transformation 20:30

Thiago Goldfeder Krieck – CEO Lemonade

Jefferson Bueno – Innovation Manager at SEBRAE / SC

Charles Cesconetto – Director at Geofilmes

Alex Lima – Glóbulo

Closing 10 pm

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