German Ministry and FACISC support consultancy

Humanität conducts consultancies with the support of FACISC (Federation of Business Associations of Santa Catarina), BFZ (Bavarian Economy Vocational Training Centers), Sequa gGmbH and funding from the German Federal Ministry for Development and Cooperation (BMZ).

With the objective of sustainable economic development and the strengthening of cooperation at the local level, the consultancy’s theme is “Renaturalization and tourist exploitation of rivers and lakes in Rio Negrinho e Schroeder”.

An overview of the current situation will be provided through a methodology for problem identification, developed in conjunction with Globulo. Field visits to know rivers, lakes and potentialities are also planned. From these elements, a report of problems related to the rivers will be generated.

In addition, sensitization lectures to the communities will also take place. Good practices on the theme “Rivers as potential tourism and urbanism” will be highlighted, focusing on the tripod of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The consultancy is part of a broad project aiming for the integration of sustainability issues (renewable energy, environmental protection, etc.) and economic development into municipal planning.

Check out some photos:

Rio Negrinho


Photos: Walter Carlos Weingaertner

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