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The ‘Creaticity’ project is an unprecedented movement that united the public and private initiative to resignify the city of Lages and elevate it to the category of purpose brand.

It was up to Glóbulo, a company from Florianópolis, to develop the project and create it with over 2,000 Lages inhabitants. After a semester of work, the potential of the city was mapped in 8 areas, from which a plan of guidelines was drawn. Goals have been set for 2028, which focus on the community itself as the protagonist of Lages’s transformation into a land of opportunity and potential.

In addition to the axes of economic development, it was also necessary to think about the territory of the city, work that was in charge of Humanität. “The city cannot be thought of merely as a transitory space between home and work. We must think of the city as a support for everyday life and a means for residents to have a better quality of life. What can the city provide for people? We need to think of meeting spaces so that people can think, celebrate, relax and see themselves as active citizens. This is especially important in Lages, where more than half of the population has a household month income of less than $400. How people will live in the city and how we can include the entire population was one of the challenges of the project”, says Carolina Nunes, Humanität’s urban ecosystem architect.

“We have mapped the potential and opportunities of the city’s territory, focusing on quality of life for the residents, but also to make the city more attractive to those who are seeking a lifestyle that gives them more time to think. One of the goals is precisely to make Lages a pole of attraction of remote workers for the innovation industry. Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to live in a large center in search of work. You can work via the internet”, explains Walter C. Weingaertner. “For example, a quarry whose concession expires in a few years could turn into a large lake, set within a park, so that people can bathe and relax.”

Eight conceptual proposals were developed for the city of Lages. They are diverse proposals, including the creation of centralities in the neighborhoods, large linear parks that cross the whole city and even the reorganization of some axes of the traffic. The summary of the proposals can be viewed at

See below the concept for ‘Great Bridge’ River:

‘Great Bridge’ River – Current situation

Dwelling along the greenway (reference image)

Greenway: a cycling route for urban mobility and leisure (reference image)

Access to the river (reference image)

Trails (reference image)

‘Great Bridge’ River – Proposal. River restoration, contact with the water, trails and a greenway. Dwellings can be envisaged along the greenway

Watch the video with the conceptual proposals:


Check out the seven main goals of the New Tropeiros movement that is fully available at

1 Transforming Santa Catarina Mountains as Santa Catarina’s main tourist destination

This goal has as its premise to develop the entire tourist trade of ‘Serra Catarinense’ (Santa Catarina Mountains), with the thought of raising the vocations of each of the 18 municipalities of the ‘Serra’ and unite all local potential. Thus creating a tourism route that needs to connect with other macro regions, such as Serra Gaucha, Coastal Santa Catarina, Beaches and Midwest Santa Catarina.

2 Lages among the top 10 HDIs in the state

Lages is currently in 50th place in the state HDI ranking. The a goal of improving this index we have three main focuses, health, education and income. It is very important to point that each of these ecosystems needs to think of new opportunities for improvement beyond the traditional invested value and strength of the public power. These index can and should be improved by closer ties between the community.

3 Best Santa Catarina GINI Index

Lages is among the 15 worst cities in social inequality in the Santa Catarina State. To change this reality it is necessary to end the thinking of ‘coronelismo’ existing in the city, that means, few families have all the decision-making power of the city and use this influence to determine the existing companies and operations in the city. (…)

Several initiatives can be taken, such as the return of the locals to agriculture sector, vocational courses in the creative areas, opening the city to foreign technologies, fostering the exchange and raising opportunities to open companies with high added value.

4 Main territory of Brazil in products with Geographical Indication

Santa Catarina has only two products with registration of Geographical Indication and two others in the process of registration, still pending for numerous clarifications. Geographical indication products strengthen local economies and the necessary territorial positioning for the global recognition of a tourist destination. It is urgent and necessary to focus the efforts of the Community, with public and private entities to register the largest number of products with their respective geographical indications, making Lages the largest territory in number of products with GI in Brazil.

5 Main Santa Catarina force of remote labor of the innovation industry

Lages currently ranks last in the IT professional’s average salary and also in educational level. The IT market grows year after year and there is a great opportunity to transform Lages’ young idle workforce into the IT job market. Currently 70% of software developers already prefer the home office work model and the development of potential software programmers and architects, especially focusing on the Big Data segment should be a path that the city of Lages should follow.

6 Program 50-50

According to the World Economic Forum, a study of 230,000 participants over 30 years found that runners who practice at least 50 minutes per week of medium-intensity physical activity such as a light jogging had a 27% lower risk of dying during the study period for any cause compared to non-runners. Specifically, running was associated with a 30% lower risk of death from heart disease and a 23% lower risk of cancer death. Lages has an area surrounded by forests and parks and should use these spaces to promote physical activity and contact with nature, positively affecting the health of the ‘lageano’.

7 Application for World Design Capital

World Design Capital ® (WDC), designated every two years by the World Design Organization ™ (WDO), recognizes cities for their effective use of design to drive economic, social, cultural and environmental development. Through a one-year event program, the designated city showcases best practices in sustainable, policy-driven urban innovations that improve the quality of life. Previous WDCs include Torino (Italy) in 2008, followed by Seoul (South Korea) in 2010, Helsinki (Finland) in 2012, Cape Town (South Africa) in 2014 and Taipei (Taiwan, Chinese Taipei) in 2016. Mexico City (Mexico) holds the title for 2018 and Lille Métropole (France) received the designation for 2020.



The companies Klabin, NDD, Banco da Família, Expert Engenharia, Flex, Transul, Engie, CJ Automotiva, Voskko, Posto Guarujá and Serrana Engenharia paid 100% the costs of development of Creaticity. With full support from Lages City Hall, as well as partners from Orion Technology Park, SEBRAE, CDL, ACIL Young, FIESC, Sul Florestas, Cisama, Le Conrad, MAP Hotel and MsM Aerial images, Lages has, from its birthday of 253 years, an unprecedented plan in the State to project itself into the future neatly and purposefully.

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