Oktoberfest Munich 2020

Oktoberfest 2020 in Munich has been canceled. In these moments, we realize the seriousness of the pandemic that we are experiencing. And we also remember the symbolic importance of the party for the city.

More than a festive event, it is a meeting point. Free and accessible, it gathers from local residents to people from all over the world. Cultural elements such as ceremonies, music, attractions and behaviors are part of the city’s mystique. The traditional parade passes through the streets and puts the historic center in evidence. Beer is consumed, and the water from which it is produced is as well treated as the river.

The city embraces the party as a whole, for example in the use of typical clothes. Obviously, this is part of the tourist and economic attractiveness, but it is also a source of pride, belonging and sense of community.

Munich is related to Oktoberfest, and Oktoberfest is a significant part of the identity of the city.

Photos: Walter C. Weingaertner

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