A day to act for the preservation of the rivers

From Cidade Plural

Raise awareness of the importance of preserving rivers and springs. This is the main objective of the International Day of Action for Rivers and Dams, celebrated on March 14, which will have actions in various parts of the world and Blumenau is included.

The movement emerged in Curitiba in 1997 with the participation of 20 countries that officialized the date in allusion to the First International Meeting of Those Affected by Dams in the city. The movement took shape and spread throughout the world, but ended up not having much force in Brazil. Only five cities signed up for shares this year.

In Blumenau, the initiative is of the group “Friends of Nature” (Amigos da Natureza), based in the neighborhood Progresso, which was once the theme of other reports of the “Cidade Plural” in its mobilizations for the cleaning up Garcia River. The group will meet on Tuesday (14), from 10am, to the steps of the Central Chruch, a little of the work that is done by the group in Ribeirão Garcia (Garcia River), with photos, posters and even trash collected along the stream.

João Muniz, one of the leaders of “Friends of Nature”, says that the idea of ​​joining the international movement came after a conversation with the architect and urbanist Carolina Viviane Nunes, who suggested joining. The architect currently lives in Munich, Germany, where she develops a project on cities and rivers supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, a recognized entity in the scientific world.

The exhibition must go until about 4 pm and those who pass by Rua XV can learn about other initiatives of the group, which has made a difference in the southern region of Blumenau.

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