Guimarães and the human scale

The center of the city of Guimarães is today a living room of the city, explains the architect Manuel Roque.

Ribeira da Granja, daylighting streams in Portugal

As a pilot project, the process started in the Ribeira da Granja made the practice to bury the rivers and make them run through the pipes water under the bridge now. “Portugal is no longer ‘tubing’ rivers,” says Pedro Teiga.

Interconnected parks

Brazil can take full advantage of the rivers to create interconnected parks along them, bringing more leisure, active mobility and valuing the landscape.

Daylight streams refreshes the air

There are many reasons to daylight rivers, such as the contact of the people with the river, the return of the fauna and flora. But one of them is quite persuasive: air conditioning.

Blue and Green Infrastructure

The Blue and Green Infrastructure proposes to solve the functional problems of a city in a more economic way, privileging the environmental preservation and benefiting the people.

The infinity wave

In Munich, the famous wave of the river is a real attraction!

Cherry trees in Bonn

Every year in early spring, the cherry trees turn the streets of Bonn into a sea of pink flowers.

The Essen revolution

The city of Essen has reinvented itself, and the Emscher River is a key point of this new approach.