Carolina Nunes will present “Fritz Müller’s Routes” at the Brazil-Germany Scientific Congress

Carolina Nunes, an urban ecosystems architect at Humanitat, will participate in a Brazil-Germany scientific congress taking place in Rio de Janeiro from September 25th to 27th. The event will address the scientific significance of German-language documents produced in Brazil.

Carolina Nunes, one of the highlighted speakers at the congress, will delve into the topic of “Fritz Müller and the Routes to Regional Development.” Fritz Müller, a globally renowned Teutonic-Brazilian naturalist, conducted research excursions in various cities in Santa Catarina. Within the scope of the event, Carolina will introduce a unique proposition: the creation of the tourist route “Fritz Müller’s Routes,” an initiative that combines tourism with a scientific, environmental, and cultural approach. During her presentation, the speaker will share case studies based on similar experiences in Germany, where the redefinition of cities based on environmental and cultural values is intricately linked to economic development and the enhancement of quality of life.

In addition to her participation in the congress, Carolina Nunes will also deliver a special address in the Santa Catarina State Legislative Assembly (ALESC) at the request of ACAPRENA (Catarinense Association for Nature Preservation). “Fritz Müller’s Routes” are the subject of study by ecologist Lauro Bacca, who is part of the “Desterro Fritz Müller / Charles Darwin 200 Years” group.

This Brazil-Germany congress will take place at different locations in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, including the Federal Fluminense University and the National Library. It promises to be an enriching event to assess the scientific relevance and innovative potential of humanities research regarding German-language publications in Brazil.


Um grupo de aproximadamente 25 pessoas está diante de uma placa de madeira que sinaliza os Caminhos de Fritz Müller. O local é um gramado verde com o relevo original do antigo Caminho dos Tropeiros e há árvores ao fundo. A paisagem é bucólica.

ACAPRENA excursion visits Fritz Müller’s Routes in Morro Chato, Rancho Queimado.


O ecologista Lauro Bacca aparece ao lado de uma placa de madeira com os dizeres: Caminho dos Tropeiros, estrada por onde Fritz Müller passou a pé e descalço em maio de 1868 "Lageaner Straße". Há ainda na placa a indicação da direção de Florianópolis e Lages.

Ecologist Lauro Bacca and Fritz Müller’s Routes

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